I need to raise finance

Improving your chances of raising the money you need

Identifying your need for finance and understanding the options available for your business, can be difficult and confusing. Doing it correctly is essential to protect you and the interests of your business. Are you –

  • Unsure whether your business needs external finance?
  • Unclear about the right type of finance for your business and how to access it?
  • Having trouble producing a business plan to justify your requirements and convince the provider?

Our Local CMC Business Advisors have worked with business of all size to help to access and understand their need for external finance and to help them approach the right sources of finance. We will help you with this very important and emotional decision – which, for example, may involve putting your house up as collateral. We access your appetite for risk and guide you to a decision that is worked through on paper and feels right for you.

Raising Business Finance Services

Whether it is through traditional banks or other sources, we have the knowledge, experience and professional connections to help you –

  • Decide whether your business needs external financing or if this can be generated internally always ensuring you are choosing the best option for your business
  • Determine the right type of finance which could include overdraughts, loan, mortgage, asset finance, invoice discounting, private equity or venture capital
  • Identify the most cost effective finance source for your business
  • Produce a quality business plan to work out the investment needed and affordability
  • Confidently present the business plan to the appropriate provider to justify the investment and the returns generated

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