CMC Business Advisors deliver experienced advisory services for business owners…

Personalised and tailored to your vision, goals and requirements.

Whether you are taking on your first employees, initiating a financial turnaround, or thinking about your eventual exit options, we provide all the elements needed to support your goals.

We work in long term partnership with you and your team, based on trust and respect to achieve success. We take time to understand your vision, goals and ambitions. The service is tailored in line with your requirements, guaranteeing a cost effective approach.

Your local Business Advisor visits you at your business on a monthly basis, focussing on the priorities, giving clear direction planning actionable steps for improvements and goals. Our clients appreciate an external perspective on challenges being faced and peace of mind with guidance on important decisions, avoiding u turns or dead ends.

With over 25 years of working with business owners we have no preconceived ideas about what your business needs. No theory and no ‘silver bullet’. Just practical pragmatic guidance based on what we find when we walk through the door – all firmly rooted in real world experience.

Our Approach

Our service is tailored to each client. We appreciate that you and your business are unique, and each owner has different personal objectives, business objectives and ambitions for their business.

You may wish to produce a stable income for you and your family, improve your financial position, provide outstanding service to profitable clients or to increase the business worth in preparation for your eventual exit.

It is important for us to understand your objectives for your business to help you through the decisions you need to make and create an effective plan to achieve the results you want.

Although we concentrate on your overall aims and vision, there are often pressing day to day operational challenges and advice you may need advice on. We want to ensure you get the most from our knowledge and skills, so all issues are addressed within the monthly meeting.

We believe in offering excellent value at each monthly meeting. The monthly charge is agreed with you in advance and is based on what your business can afford. This is a manageable cost for most business owners and the monthly fee, instead of a lump sum, will ensure your cash flow is controlled.

The Benefits We Bring

  • Increase your profits
  • Produce a stable income
  • Improve your financial position
  • Reassurance on key decision making
  • Scale your business profitably
  • Build an effective team
  • Help you delegate and become more strategic – some of our clients call it ‘Becoming a grown up business’
  • Reduce your stress, workload and create more family time
  • Save time with efficiently solved problems
  • Convenient service – local to you
  • Free two hour initial meeting so you can assess if you wish to work with your local partner
  • Agreed monthly price – what your business can afford
  • Cost effective focussed advice from like-minded business people with real business experience
  • Increase the value of your business
  • Prepare for exit, succession or your retirement
  • Achieve a profitable and smooth exit or sale
  • Partnership and caring approach – we are passionate about your business
  • Your success really matters to us

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