Fast track your success

There are many consultancies available so why choose us?

CMC’s services are perfect for today’s retiring 50 to 70-year-old baby boomers who are now thinking about selling their business.  With a market of 2.1 million business owners in the UK looking to grow, exit or sell, there has never been a better time to offer a professional personalised consultancy service.

Our pricing model allows our partners to build a sustainable business with monthly retainer fees, plus additional revenue from company sales and equity in start-up businesses. We encourage partners to balance their portfolio to give them the financial income they require.

Our 26 years’ experience of working with SMEs allows new partners to benefit from a wealth of shared best practice.

Over the years we have developed a unique ability to mentor, support and guide partners on all aspects of consultancy, business, sales, the art of networking and marketing. With our personalised one to one and ongoing training, each partner personally develops their skills for greater sales potential and a better client service. This support is critical as many would struggle to do it on their own without this continuous assistance.

We believe this experience and comprehensive supportive approach is a unique offering amongst UK franchise opportunities.

Benefits of becoming a CMC Partner to fast track your success

  • Established and recognizable brand, since 1989
  • Financial security from a sustainable business through monthly earning with additional breakout revenues from business sales
  • Proven consultancy model and approach to SME clients, crafted over 26 years
  • Very competitive franchise package, regularly benchmarked against competitors to remain attractive and affordable
  • Quick start up with our in-depth induction period covering all aspects to get you set up and operating quickly, including particular focus on CMC Partner core consultancy, sales, networking and marketing competencies.
  • Unique level of mentoring and back up at no extra charge for ongoing customised support and training throughout your time with CMC
  • Shared best practice and support from our partners with a combined 357 years of business experience
  • Daily and monthly centralised marketing activity via email and social media platforms, giving you the opportunity to keep your profile visible amongst your contacts.
  • Marketing advice and support on your local marketing campaigns