Rupert Beazley

Having joined CMC in 2012 and established my own business and income stream through my portfolio of clients, I have found that the other partners (franchisees} are very supportive in terms of sharing experiences and best practice during our monthly meetings. They also double up with some consultancy projects, making CMC Partners a team experience.

The CMC franchise model suits me perfectly as it helps and supports me with telesales, marketing, invoicing and debt collection, leaving me to concentrate on a building positive and supportive relationships with my clients.

Rupert Beazley CMC Partner Oxfordshire July 15, 2016

Bob Brown

Five years ago I was frustrated and casting around for a change of direction - an opportunity that would allow me bring to bear all the skills I have acquired throughout a long and successful career in business. I then found CMC.

My new career choice needed to provide me the opportunity to generate a good income, provide challenges and job satisfaction – and at the same time leave me completely in control of my own destiny. CMC Partners was an almost perfect fit – nearly too good to be true.

Five years on, and with appropriate and timely support from CMC, I now run a successful business advice practice in my local area. I have a loyal client base and a very high level of recurring income. It is, without doubt, the best and the most rewarding “job”, I have ever had.

Bob Brown CMC Partners, Worcestershire July 9, 2016

Tony Maynard

Derek has a great deal of knowledge, experience and most importantly patience and has been an excellent mentor before and after I took the decision to join CMC Partners. He gives his time freely and very happy to take a telephone call, as well as answering all emails very quickly and completely. Derek is very honest, which is great from a mentor, and finds different solutions depending on the individual and situation’.

Phil McConnell CMC Partner Twickenham, West London & Surrey July 14, 2016

Richard Lloyd

CMC Partners offers so much in its franchise compared to the competition. The training provided from the start and throughout your time with CMC is first class.

Richard Lloyd CMC Partner Derbyshire and East Staffordshire July 21, 2016

Steve Freedman

Derek is the best mentor I know and is capable to taking someone’s skill set from theoretical knowledge to sublime practicality, he has achieved this on numerous occasions’

Steve Freedman CMC Partner Chairman July 18, 2016

Richard Lloyd

‘With an established brand, developed in 1989, they have a business model that, when added to my own experience, gives a clearly differentiated model for supporting businesses in my territory’.

Richard Lloyd CMC Partner Derbyshire and East Staffordshire July 17, 2016

Richard Lloyd

I looked at many different opportunities when planning the next stage of my career and having looked at other opportunities I settled very easily on CMC Partners. I liked it’s a professional service business with values in line with mine.

Richard Lloyd CMC Partner Derbyshire and East Staffordshire July 13, 2016

Richard Lloyd

The team at CMC are a great group of franchisees and managers who are willing, and able, to add value to my business, I would not hesitate to recommend CMC as a franchise partner.

Richard Lloyd CMC Partner Derbyshire and East Staffordshire July 10, 2016

Bob Brown

My only complaint? I wish I had found CMC and made the change much earlier!

Bob Brown CMC Partners, Worcestershire July 12, 2016