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Rupert Beazley - Oxfordshire Business Advisor

Rupert enjoys working with SME business owners in Wallingford, Oxfordshire and West Berkshire to help them get what they want from their business. He draws on thirty years of experience ranging from working within large multi-national corporate organisations to owning and managing his own small business.

Helping business owners in Wallingford, Oxfordshire and West Berkshire

Rupert is highly pragmatic when working with business owners, helping them to:

  • Meet their own personal and commercial objectives
  • Maximise the value of their business
  • Help them to step back from their business
  • Grow their business
  • Develop succession and exit strategies
  • Prepare their business for sale


Rupert has worked within a wide range of business sectors including IT, telecoms, banking and agriculture.  He started his consultancy career in banking and telecoms, advising on the planning, strategy and deployment of technology for major business change as a result of mergers, acquisitions and divestments.  Rupert directed the evaluation of new business technology platforms for the then recently merged Lloyds Bank and TSB, the outcome of which he presented to the bank’s board of directors.  He has also directed the implementation of pan-European customer care programmes within the rapidly changing telecommunications industry during the late ‘90s and early ‘00s. Lately, Rupert has run his own successful business: from start up, through rapid growth and onto the sale of his flourishing grounds maintenance company.

In planning for the sale of his business, Rupert states that like any sale or succession plan, it was important to make the business attractive.  This was done through maximising the value of its assets; capitalizing on the ‘goodwill’ of both the customer base and employees; and, personally moving away from a ‘hands-on’ operational role within the business, to one that was more guiding and strategic.



Rupert was recently voted Best SME Business Broker – Oxfordshire by SME News – Southern Enterprise Awards 2020




Video Testimonials

‘One word to sum up Rupert’s support and our relationship is….. ‘solid’. He really is an invaluable member of our team. He goes beyond that extra mile, he is by far a trusted confidant and I needed that. He really does speak our strapline ‘its all about the people’ . It’s not about what he has to gain but he supports you and your business to help achieve your goals’

‘He got a good way to hold you to account, to stretch you in a safe environment when he knows you can as your business coach but knows when to support you in the right way when you need him’

‘He doesn’t charge the earth, he’s fantastically good value for money’

Jonna Mundy, Founder & CEO of You HR Consultancy 

‘Since we’ve known Rupert our turnover has increased. We were £1m last year and he has facilitated that quietly in the background by making sure we are driving on and mentoring us’.

‘Rupert’s increased our confidence on what we do, where we are going, what markets to address’. 

‘With three directors, it can be challenging in making decisions so he helped us to see that and define the roles’. 

‘Rupert’s come from a background that is full of skills for us. He knows everything from starting a business, making it successful to looking at selling and helping where we are going long term’. 

‘We see him as a big part of our business. we wouldn’t have got to where we are now without using him. He’s very important to us’ 

Chris Barnett, Director of 1973 Limited

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“Rupert’s patiently listened to the situation, asking pertinent questions that enabled me to reach a more focussed understanding of my business options.  Looking back, it is clear that Rupert knew what the answers were, or at least the route to go down, but instead of being prescriptive about them, he encouraged me to reason them out for myself.  I therefore valued the conclusions much more than simply being advised about them” Roger Wilkins. Managing Director, FMS Limited

“We would recommend Rupert to other business owners who are looking for advice and practical help on growing their businesses” Ed Croft Baker, Director, The UX Agency

Rupert doesn’t dictate, he asks questions and guides us towards our own conclusions” Laura Harrison, Director, 1973 Limited

Case Study

Growing a creative Digital Marketing Agency CMC helped the directors of this digital marketing agency increase revenue by 387% in just five years. Through business planning and process reviews they continue to grow the company to maximise business value.  The Challenge: Grow the business and increase asset value Create time and space for the directors’

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