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Jonathan supports the business community in the East Midlands and Bedfordshire. Having grown up in Northamptonshire he moved away to study his degree in Engineering, before his career brought him back to the region in 2001 with his own family. Having spent the past 20 years working for large international corporates Jon is passionate about helping local businesses thrive through sharing his knowledge, experiences and personal professional development.

Jon is able to transfer the systems and processes of global market leaders into appropriate tools and techniques for local business owners without any of that corporate jargon.

Helping business owners in Northamptonshire

Jon is a great facilitator and uses a pragmatic approach to help business owners:

  • Create / review and develop a winning strategy to achieve their visions and aspirations
  • Translate strategy into actions
  • Realise their growth objectives
  • Address structural and people challenges
  • Maximise the value of their business
  • Develop a succession plan and exit strategy
  • Sell their business


Jon has 20 years’ experience of working for family owned SME’s and large international corporates.  Jon has always believed in the power of the team and had used his coaching and mentoring ability to build empowered, successful teams, all the way through his career.

From Professional Golf Coach, through B2B sales, into sales leadership, commercial leadership, business unit leadership and Managing Director roles, Jon has sat on global leadership teams for British, American and Danish organisations.

He has a wealth of knowledge and understands how and when to apply the right tools and techniques based on a business’s maturity.

Jon has worked across multiple sectors from industrial manufacturers, to refrigeration and cleaning equipment, which has given invaluable experience in the automotive, industrial automation, retail, wholesale, food and beverage, warehouse and logistics, oil gas & petrochem, pharmaceutical, facilities management, casual dining and public space sectors.

Read Jon’s latest blogs for advice and guidance to help you run your business successfully.


Ridiculously knowledgeable and talented’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Jon. I had the pleasure of working with Jon for several years. His ability to shift businesses from rags to profitability is what separates Jon from most individuals and truly makes him an asset to any company. I highly recommend him if you are wanting to take your business to the next level.’ 

Eros Vellucci, Founder, Marketing Media Plus

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If you would like to explore how Jon can support you through your business journey, call 0208 895 6189 or 07568 978021 to request a free meeting. Alternatively contact him via this form.