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Bob Brown - Worcestershire Business Advisor

Bob has been providing practical help and guidance to clients running their own business for over 20 years.

Helping business owners in Worcestershire to:

  • Identify personal objectives for the business.
  • Write a business plan to achieve those objectives.
  • Grow and develop the business by developing new products/ services.
  • Sell more to existing accounts plus reaching new customers.
  • Mergers and acquisitions.
  • Manage their cash-flow.
  • Succession planning – passing the business to the next generation or putting a management team in place.
  • Write an exit strategy – preparing the business for sale.


Bob moved into general management following a very successful early career in sales and marketing, receiving his first board appointment in 1984 at Versatec, a Xerox company. Following that he ran his own business for ten years providing marketing services and sales training to local businesses.

Keen to understand how IT is re-shaping the business landscape, Bob joined industry analysts and consultants Cambashi, a company dedicated to understanding how companies of all sizes, especially SME’s, can harness Information Technology to improve efficiency, secure competitive advantage and drive business growth far above market performance.

This understanding enabled the company to engage with global IT providers – like Cisco, HP, IBM, Microsoft and Siemens – to help them improve the effectiveness of the sales organisation and to open new markets.

Video Testimonials

Before I meet Bob, growth was chasing me, reacting to the business. It’s now very different with a scaleable strategy and a plan on how we grow the business.’

‘Bob’s enabled me to drive my business which has consistent revenue growth and profitability in a more structured way. He’s taken away the loneliness of running a business because it feels like we are doing it together’

Trevor Mapondera, CEO Nurseline Healthcare

Bobs name always crops up. When having meetings about new products or dealing with tricky situations we always say ‘what would Bob suggest’ and we give him a call. He is part of the business’.

David Wharrad, Managing Director

Without Bob, I would have not been able to manage the growth. Now, I have a clear direction of where we are going and have clear management structure with everyone knowing their role and what Pippa’s Guardian’s is trying to achieve‘.

Ben Hughes, Managing Director

‘Working with Bob has allowed us to grow by 35% year on year for the last 3 years. This wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t engage with Bob Brown at CMC Business Advisors’ 

Derrick Barker, Managing Director 

‘I would certainly recommend Bob Brown. He’s added an awful lot of value to our company. He has made my journey more pleasant because as CEO of a company trying to grow and first time doing this, it’s difficult as there’s many things you can do wrong. Bob has prevented me making a number of mistakes and has given timely advice.’ 

Robin La Fontaine, CEO of Delta XML

‘The only thing we regret is not meeting Bob 10 years earlier.’ 

Mark Parsons, Managing Director of IRS Limited


‘Three weeks into starting my first business, I sat down with Bob to get his insight into my strategy. The advice, expertise and observations have proved invaluable to me. I re-thought my entire strategy and approach based on that meeting and have seen results already based on Bob’s help. Thank you so much!’
Tom Ludwig – Managing Director at Solar Sentry

‘Working with Bob gives me much more confidence that when I do retire, I will be leaving a thriving and successful business with a great future.’
Mark Parsons – Managing Director of IRS Limited

‘Bob has an exceptionally fine and clear mind. Perhaps it’s his logical scientific background that allows him to get quickly to the core of the business issue. He is also an inspiration. I met him for a one to one and came away after two hours with a completely different perspective on how I should move my businesses forward. And with renewed optimism and belief. I will definitely be collaborating with Bob in the future as I am sure he will become one of only a few people I can count as an “inner-circle” trusted advisor.’
Ted Marshall – Founder and CEO of Translution

Case Studies

Turnaround for a winning concept – a specialist steel fabricator

Bob helped this specialist steel fabricator to return to profitability by re-focussing on its core strengths and formalising key business processes, allowing the owner to manage the business proactively.

Turning a Reactive Business to Proactive Business

Bob is helping this successful business to position itself for significant business growth, reduce risks, plan for the future and – when he is ready – provide the founder with a comfortable retirement.

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If you would like to explore how Bob can support you through your business journey, call 01844 319286 or 07940 526801 to request a free meeting. Alternatively contact him via this form.