I want to Grow my business

Helping you grow your business profitably

Growing a business requires you to become a skilled manager and entrepreneur able to plan, lead and organise your business. Nobody can do this for you! Are you –

  • Finding it challenging to finance growth in your business without external sources of capital?
  • Struggling to produce a real business plan that works for you and your business?
  • Experiencing difficulties with your finance and accounts systems not providing timely and accurate management data?
  • Having trouble building your markets and generating sales needed to fund growth in your business?
  • Considering merger and acquisition opportunities but are fearful because you have never done it before?

Over the years’ we have helped many business owners to achieve substantial and profitable growth within their businesses. Many entrepreneurs need support to learn the skills of planning for growth, management leadership and organisation in order to create value in their business.

It may seem impossible to think about growing your business when you’re busy with everyday operations or perhaps there are other challenges. This is where we can help.

Business Growth Services

All our services start with an informal, free meeting to find out your personal goals, objectives and vision for your future and that of your business. This helps us tailor our services to your specific needs and requirements. We then work in partnership with you on a monthly basis to achieve your desired outcome, which may include –

  • Assessing and understanding the risks of growth that you the entrepreneur are prepared to take in your business and therefore protecting the money you have invested
  • Formulating your strategy and plan for growth to create achievable the realistic targets
  • Managing your finances and accounts to provide accurate and timely data about your business
  • Assessing the market and sales opportunities to provide the revenues to fund growth
  • Employing, retaining and motivating the right people with the right skills need to drive your business
  • Growing the business processes to keep in line with the expansion of your business
  • Deciding on a strategy of merger or acquisition to achieve accelerated growth
  • Managing a successful merger and acquisition targeting the right companies

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