Sales strategy for growth

In my post last year, ‘Not all growth is equal’ I discussed the options for business growth. Comments from readers led me to look at sales strategy for growth.  Whether you choose new products to existing clients, product expansion, or new clients with existing products, market expansion, you will need a sales strategy. Establish your […]


Survey – Taking Control of Sales

For many small businesses, it is easy to focus all energy on daily business operations and serving existing client demands whilst others who seek to acquire new customers find controlling sales a serious challenge. Implementing an effective process will help gain new business from current and potential customers, essential for growing businesses. To help support business owners […]

Webinar Feedback Survey

Thank you for attending our webinar – ‘What’s your Business Worth’ on 30th November. We would like your feedback To help our continuous improvement and ensure we are providing business owners with topics of interest, please take a couple of minutes completing this short feedback form. Create your own user feedback survey

Common Q&A’s about Selling

Q: My business has survived the recession, I am now looking to grow my business to take advantage of the economic upturn. What areas do I need to focus on? The easiest route to growth is all about sales, or business development as some firms refer to it. Here are three opportunities that most firms […]