Due Diligence as Part of the Business Sale

Any organisation negotiating a business sale or purchase must challenge the assumptions being made about the deal. The purpose of due diligence is to provide comfort by reviewing and validating all of the financial, commercial, operational and strategic assumptions. It confirms that buyer and seller agree to what is being traded as well as giving […]

Preparing to Sell

You may have spent years building your business and now you want to reap the rewards of your lifetime’s hard work. This can be achieved with careful, timely planning, developing an achievable exit strategy to help you realise your businesses full potential whilst maximizing its sale value. Our years of experience, working with business owners, […]

Business Appraisal

Understanding the challenges and implications in exiting your business, whether selling, passing it onto family or employees, will help you make the right choice to meet your personal needs. CMC Corporate can offer you a personalised business appraisal providing you with all the options and knowledge you need to make the right life changing decision […]

Selling your business

The decision to sell your business is one of the most important and emotional business decision you will ever make. It’s life changing with no room for error. Working exclusively with one of CMC’s seasoned professionals, who have run their own businesses and have decades of experience buying and selling businesses, you will be guided […]