Case Study – A Successful Business Exit Strategy Through Planned Succession

The majority of business owners approach their company from an income perspective, with little regard to long-term exit strategy. Even when they approach other professionals, such as accountants and brokers, with a view to selling or exiting their businesses, the feedback they receive is not holistic or based on their personal goals. With CPL, a […]

Phil McConnell

Twickenham, West London and Surrey To find out more or arrange an initial appointment, contact Phil: FREE INITIAL consultation with Phil: 07720 397040 or 01844 319286 or Click! Phil’s works with owner managers who own and run their own businesses and are ambitious for it to be better in the future, read Phil’s latest posts here. With a […]

Business Help and Support

Helping you overcome business challenges successfully There will always be times during your business journey when you come across obstacles. Identifying and solving problems quickly and effectively sets apart successful businesses. Are you – Struggling to develop the same motivation as when you started your business? Experiencing a flat lining performance? Failing to sell and […]