Due Diligence as Part of the Business Sale

Any organisation negotiating a business sale or purchase must challenge the assumptions being made about the deal. The purpose of due diligence is to provide comfort by reviewing and validating all of the financial, commercial, operational and strategic assumptions. It confirms that buyer and seller agree to what is being traded as well as giving […]


Growth Video Testimonial: Product Design Consultancy, JMDA Design

How CMC helped the business growth:  Listen to the Managing director of this successful product design consultancy on how his local CMC Partner, Bob brown helped to refocus and grow his business. Refocused their diversification business growth plan to their core business Helped their cash flow challenges and stretched resources Gave confidence to employ more […]

5 expensive mistakes to avoid when selling your business for a great price

Business exit strategy planning or selling your business outright is one of the most crucial elements of a company’s life cycle.  If not planned correctly the negative financial impact for the company and individuals involved can be significant, not least in financial terms. So what are the common mistakes an owner should avoid making? 1   […]