Family business succession is not the easiest exit option!

Research for the Department of Business Innovation and Skills, published in May 2014, estimated that there were over 850,000 family businesses in the UK – 71% of all SME’s. Whilst there are differing views on the precise definition, and consequently number, of “family businesses,” they are undoubtedly a major component of the UK business economy. […]

Exit planning checklist

White Paper – How to improve your chances of a successful exit

Business owners are likely to make mistakes when selling their business. This is no surprise since many have not sold a business before. Avoid learning on the job for this important stage in your career. Download this 10 point checklist to help improve your chances of a successful business exit This 10 point checklist includes: […]

Bob Brown

Worcestershire To find out more or arrange an initial appointment, contact Bob: FREE INITIAL consultation with Bob Tel: 07940 526801 Bob has been providing practical help and guidance to clients running their own business for over 20 years. Helping business owners in Worcestershire to: Identify personal objectives for the business. Write a business plan to achieve those objectives. […]