Video Testimonial – Industrial Refrigeration Solutions, IRS Ltd

‘The only thing we regret is not meeting Bob Brown, our local CMC Partner 10 years earlier’ Mark Parsons, Managing Director of IRS Limited Business: Engineering – Industrial Registration Services Number of employees: 22 people How CMC helped:  Helped the 3 directors focus on strategy and long term planning Profitable new revenue streams have been identified In […]


Growth Video Testimonial: Product Design Consultancy, JMDA Design

How CMC helped the business growth:  Listen to the Managing director of this successful product design consultancy on how his local CMC Partner, Bob brown helped to refocus and grow his business. Refocused their diversification business growth plan to their core business Helped their cash flow challenges and stretched resources Gave confidence to employ more […]

Bob Brown

Worcestershire To find out more or arrange an initial appointment, contact Bob: FREE INITIAL consultation with Bob Tel: 07940 526801 Bob has been providing practical help and guidance to clients running their own business for over 20 years. Helping business owners in Worcestershire to: Identify personal objectives for the business. Write a business plan to achieve those objectives. […]