Hope for the best, plan ahead for the worst

With so much happening now and so much information circulating, it’s difficult to gauge what is going on and how to deal with it all. Something that is always important and straight forward to do to help understand the situation, is to pick up the phone and make contact with all your clients, suppliers, service […]


Cash is King – Especially Now!

The current business environment has never been tougher or more uncertain. Whilst a lot of businesses have been in survival mode, many businesses are now looking at how they can progress and prosper as the Covid constraints show the first signs of easing. Control and forecasting of cash is key, not only to ensure survival, […]

Just listen to your customers . . .

Every time the world goes through some sort of major change there will be a few companies that do very much better than the rest – historically one out of every six business will grow substantially through recession or upheaval. So how do you ensure that your business is one of the lucky ones? At […]