Why do SMEs need CMC?

Small and medium sized businesses need support from experienced professionals who are right for each stage of their business development and who understand how they work. But were does an SME get that support? Specialist Employees SMEs can’t afford to employ specialists for every function. There’s also the question of cultural fit. Business owners can […]

Contact Us

To find out more about the franchise opportunity or to make an enquiry, contact us to arrange an informal discussion with our director, Derek Allen. Call 01844 319286 or contact us via this form. Contact CMC You can also find us at: Top Floor Suite, 11 Friday Court, North Street, Thame, Oxfordshire, OX9 3GA

About CMC Partners

Established in 1989, CMC Partners are experienced business advisers, helping business owners to grow, exit or sell, achieving their personal objectives throughout their business journey. Visit CMC Partners website to find out more about our services Our highly skilled partners help business owners to think more strategically, to generate growth and realise the value of […]

Franchisee Profile

We are very selective, it doesn’t suit everyone. We need to be sure that we find the right business partners and you need to be sure CMC is for you. No consultancy experience is required, however we do look for: Gravitas – to deal with business owner managers Self confidence – to sell your own […]

Why Choose CMC

There are many consultancies available so why choose us? CMC’s services are perfect for today’s retiring 50 to 70-year-old baby boomers who are now thinking about selling their business.  With a market of 2.1 million business owners in the UK looking to grow, exit or sell, there has never been a better time to offer […]