Presentation: Mergers & Acquisitions for SMEs – Is it a viable option for growth?

Acquisitions is hard business but its not all just about the big boys.

For business owner of an SME business the decision to invest in buying another firm can often be life-changing with the potential to alter the course of the firm and the opportunities for employees, for better or worse. You need to look for reasons and have an understanding of why they should acquire. Alternatives to acquisitions should also be strongly considered and evaluated.

Listen to this video to get to grips with the potential SME businesses have in growing through acquisitions.

Key takeaways:

  • The potential and benefits to growing your SME via an acquisition
  • How to successfully plan, prepare and execute acquisitions to maximise the potential
  • Learn from successful SMEs acquisitions through targeting companies

If you are thinking of growing your business via an acquisition it is strongly recommended to get professional help from people who have the day by day experience to support you for your successful outcome.

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