Client Video – Helping the business owner to achieve the vision and goals of her business

Listen to Jonna, CEO of You HR Consultancy talking about the fantastic support Rupert gives to her and her business. Rupert helps Jonna to achieve her goals and vision with helping to set out their strategy and growth plans.

Business: HR and Organisation Development Consultancy

Number of employees: 9 plus external supportive roles


‘One word to sum up Rupert’s support and our relationship is….. solid. He really is an invaluable member of our team. He goes beyond that extra mile, he is by far a trusted confidant and I needed that. He really does speak our strapline ‘its all about the people’ . It’s not about what he has to gain but he supports you and your business to help achieve your goals’. Jonna Mundy, Found & CEO of You HR Consultancy

‘There’s a multiply of things I throw his way. I’m smiling as the value he gives me when the going gets tough is his personality and his humor, it will see you through’. Jonna Mundy, Found & CEO of You HR Consultancy

‘He got a good way to hold you to account, to stretch you in a safe environment when he knows you can as your business coach but knows when to support you in the right way when you need him’. Jonna Mundy, Found & CEO of You HR Consultancy

‘He’s seen me through some very difficult times, very professionally, and very supportive but we’ve also had an enjoyable time along the way. That to me is priceless’.  Jonna Mundy, Found & CEO of You HR Consultancy

‘He doesn’t charge the earth, he’s fantastically value for money’. Jonna Mundy, Found & CEO of You HR Consultancy


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