Client Video: Business Growth of Manufacturer of Aluminum Tubes, JDR Products Ltd

Listen to this honest interview with Managing Director and the Factory Manager of JDR Products Ltd on how CMC Partner, Bob Brown works with them to grow the business.

Bob Brown mentor’s this client to grow their core business, develop their additional product lines and establish a proper structure to support the business growth.

Business: Manufacturer and Supplier of Aluminium Tubes

Number of employees: 4

I don’t know how to do everything, so I knew in order to grow our turnover more, we would need someone to hold my hand David Wharrad, MD

To hear from someone who has been there, done it and experienced the pitfalls is extremely useful’ David Wharrad, MD

Bobs name always crops up. When having meetings about new products or dealing with tricky situations we always say ‘what would Bob suggest’ and we give him a call. He is part of the business’. David Wharrad, MD

We can ask Bob anything. He gives his honest opinion, he doesn’t take it personally if we don’t take his advice and he doesn’t hold back. He does it professional and supports us with everything we do’. Daniel Liddicott, Factory Manager

We wouldn’t have got to where we are now without Bobs help’ David Wharrad, MD

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