Client Video: Mentoring Business Owner of Pippa’s Guardian’s

Listen to the managing director of Pippa’s Guardian’s talking about the mentoring benefits that Bob Brown has provided with supporting the growth of his business.


Business: Guardianship Service for Students

Number of employees: 8


Without Bob, I would have not been able to manage the growth. Now, I have a clear direction of where we are going and have clear management structure with everyone knowing their role and what Pippa’s Guardian’s is trying to achieve‘. Ben Hughes, MD

Bob is hugely accessible outside of our meetings via phone calls and emails‘ Ben Hughes, MD

We have a good friendly relationship. We have mutual trust and I have a lot of respect for him. He doesn’t tell me what I want to hear, he challenges me and makes me think differently‘. Ben Hughes, MD

I would absolutely recommend Bob. A mentor for a business can have a huge impact and I have already recommended him to a few people‘. Ben Hughes, MD

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