White Paper – Taking Control of the Cash in Your Business

Do you feel in control of the cash in your small business?

For small businesses cash is the lifeblood to keep daily operations running. Too many business owners struggle to manage it effectively or recognise the importance.

‘92% of business owners surveyed experienced problems from time to time or consistently.’ CMC Business Advisors Survey 2016

It is normal to have cash flow inconsistencies but being in control is essential.

This whitepaper covers:

  • Basics of accounting – what is profit, determining business viability, cash to cash cycle
  • 7 steps to follow is cash becomes tight
  • Checklist of ‘red flags’ to identify the problems causing cash issues
  • Why too much surplus cash in the business is not a good idea
  • Preventative actions
  • and more

This whitepaper is designed to help business owners minimise the impact of the peaks and troughs experienced during a financial year. This freeing up your time to focus your attention on managing and/or growing your business.

Learn how to manage your business ‘by numbers’.

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