White Paper – Raising Finance for Your Business

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Are you thinking about raising money for your business?

Too many business owner’s we talk to have been disappointed in their efforts to raise money for their business. We have therefore put together this guide to help provide an overview of this potentially complex and challenging process of raising finance.

This guide should help you understand about the process of raising money for your business before you start talking to lenders.

It is easy to read and assumes no prior knowledge of the finance market and debunks some of the mystery associated with the topic.

This raising finance guide includes:

  • Aspects of personal preparation
  • Essential business preparation
  • Know what you want the money for
  • Making your business ‘investment ready’
  • Legitimate reasons for borrowing money
  • The risk of your proposed investment
  • Sources of finance depending on your business stage/need
  • Main types of funding
  • Checklist

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