Taking Control of your Marketing – How & Where should I invest my money?

Even if we do not understand everything a ‘marketing guru’ says, all business people know they need to invest some money into marketing their products or services.

In a digital age, they are many questions.  Should I stop the traditional marketing and invest all my money into digital marketing?  Should I spend everything on pay per clicks and campaigns? Or should I use traditional marketing such as telesales combined with magazine and radio ads?

The Sales Funnel

Regardless of which channel, digital or non-digital,  the sales funnel is key.  Marketers must design campaigns that attract strangers to the company’s properties (website, shops, offices, social media pages, etc.) so they can see what the company offers.  There should be sufficient information and content to engage a visitor to consider buying or making a purchase (education & conversion).  The company must then deliver and service that purchase, making a first time buyer into a repeat customer and an advocate.

Marketing Return on Investment (ROI)

At every stage of this customer journey it may be applicable to use tradition marketing or digital marketing approaches.  The best way for an owner or manager to calculate what is working and continue to invest is by the analysis of the return on investment.  If an expensive pay to click campaign is not bringing the right type of customer to the website, work out why and correct it or stop doing it until you know.

This Return on Investment (ROI) is the metric by which success of a marketing campaign, online, offline or both is measured. Without constantly monitoring, a business cannot improve its marketing campaign to reach its target audience.

So the message is simple. Using an educated combination of digital and non-digital marketing can definitely improve your bottom line.  To find out where to invest your hard earned cash, calculate the ROI by analysing how the spend is delivering and whether it is meeting the campaign objectives.

Online and offline Marketing Channels

To learn how different online and offline marketing channel can work together, check out the infographic below from Colour Graphics.  – You may learn where companies tend to spend their online and offline marketing budgets, and get real results.


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