Induction & On-Boarding Checklist – How can you help new employees become productive sooner?

Are you thinking of recruiting new staff or have you experienced challenges when introducing a new team player?

Helping new staff members to feel ‘at home’ as quickly, and easily as possible has multiple benefits for yourself as the employer and your new employee.

Download this short checklist to make your induction and on-boarding process more effective and less disruptive for yourself and your team

Key takeaway in this checklist:

  • Role and Structure
  • Training needs
  • Expectations
  • Introductions
  • Development diary
  • How to keep the rest of the team happy

and more ……

This checklist contains sensible and pragmatic advice, based on a wealth of business experience.

CMC Business Advisors help to realise your full business potential.  We provide growth and exit strategy development for business owners. Helping to solve your business problems with a range of practical advice and perspective by experts with a track record or success.

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