Case Study – Firefly Lighting Design Case Study – Growing Globally

Going Global with support of CMC Business Advisors

CMC provided skills, experience and mentoring to the enthusiastic, highly creative directors in achieving their ambition of expanding their services globally.

 The Challenge:

  • Directors had no experience of growing a business, sales & marketing or building a network
  • Little management experience and no experience of directing a company

The Benefits:

  • Increased revenues from £120K to £500K in 5 years
  • Expanded globally, increased market penetration
  • Increased profile of clients and margin generated
  • Confident directors with the required business knowledge
  • Built business infrastructure for the growth
  • Exciting future for the business with turnover projections to double in next 5 years

‘CMC ensure all our efforts are directed to where we want to go with no u-turns, or dead-ends. Without CMC we would not be where we are today’ John Lau and Peter Veale – Managing Directors of Firefly Design Lighting Limited

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