As a Business Owner how do I motivate my staff?

As a Business Owner how do I motivate my staff?

A common question asked by business owners is ‘How do I motivate my staff ?’.  Its a good question to ask as its vital owners get the best out of their staff. People are the heart of a business and unmotivated staff could stall the future growth. Business owners who are striving to grow and exit their business need well motivated people.

BUPA Survey on Staff Motivation

A recent survey published by Bupa on working habits of 2,700 SME employees found that 24% admitted they are reluctant to win new contracts if they feel it will result in extra work for them. Plus 39% of those interviewed pulled a ‘sickie’ last year as they felt unmotivated to go to work.

What is the starting point for motivation?

There is perhaps a simple starting point:


So rather than think about blanket schemes, business owners must build meaningful and purposeful relationships that make a difference to the individual. The owner must hold themselves accountable to create this culture. They must see their role as serving their people as much as themselves.

Scaling the business while motivating my staff

The trick to scaling your business successfully whilst maintaining staff motivation is to preserve this culture of building meaningful relationships in future management recruits – ensuring that individual people remain the focus of the business. Do people in the business feel, competent, empowered, trusted, able to work on their own and benefiting from being part of a team? Hard to build this culture and very easy to lose it.

And Finally Be Flexible

It is essential that team members in an a small/medium size business are mentally stimulated and fully engaged. Fortunately, small business can be flexible to tackle this issue, making changes to culture, recognition, opportunities and benefits to make employees feel valued and rewarded. Generally people respond to simple rewards for good results and penalties for poor performance.

Look out for my next blog in this series on financial vs non-financial rewards.

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