Introduction to Exit Planning: Complimentary 1 Hour Workshops

For small business owners available during April and May 2015

As a business owner, you will eventually reach the time when you want withdraw from your business, but what happens next? Will you be able to relax and enjoy the financial rewards that have been generated through your efforts, or will you be haunted by the knowledge that you should have managed things differently? Will you be spending your time with your boat on the Costa Brava, or with a cappuccino in Costa Coffee?

The critical component in ensuring the right outcome is an exit plan. Whilst having an exit plan is particularly important in the years leading up to the owner’s departure, it is also a valuable asset for any small business. It can help shape the way in which the business is developed and will be invaluable should the owner’s plans change and they need to leave the business earlier than anticipated.

David Brassington, the Partner with CMC Partners who works with small businesses in Cambridgeshire and West Suffolk is offering local business owners a complimentary workshop, “An Introduction to Exit Planning.” The workshops are for individual businesses, to preserve owners’ confidentiality, and will cover:

  • Potential exit options
  • Enhancing the value of a small business
  • The transition process and due diligence
  • Optimising value for the business owner
  • Timing
  • The exit plan

As a former business owner, who has experienced personally the emotional challenges of a successful business exit, David is well placed to provide insight into this process.

There are a limited number of appointments for these workshops available during April and May. If you would like to arrange one, and take the first step to ensuring a successful exit from your business, please complete the form below.

There is no charge for the workshop, and participants are under no obligation to purchase any other services.

Watch David Brassington being interviewed on the subject of exit planning here


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