CMC Business Advisors has come a long way since formation in 1989. Originally providing the full range of management consultancy services to clients such as Xerox, Unisys, BP and BT, a gradual move towards the business owner sector has developed since the mid 1990s.

This has meant working closely with entrepreneurs – to understand their personal objectives and match these with those of their business, providing long term support.

Our services

Since the mid 1990s, CMC have been providing a range of specialist services to transform and grow businesses. These services cover the full life-cycle of any business – Start up through to exit.

Our unique specialism is in succession planning and exit strategies. We have successfully integrated the expertise normally found in a Corporate Finance company, handling the transaction, but also preparing the owners and the business for the end game. Often we work with the owners over many years to maximize the value from their business preparing for and delivering a successful exit.

CMC Business Advisors

Our Business Advisors are based in their local business communities. Each has extensive experience and is able, if required, to act as non-executive advisors to the business owners and for larger clients to their Board of Directors.

Each CMC Business Advisor has between 10 and 20 clients allowing them to focus very closely on their client and their situation. Compare this to a partner in an accountancy practice who may have many hundreds of clients.

CMC Professional Partners

To support this range of services, CMC have gradually developed closer links with local professionals – accountants, bankers, solicitors, IFAs, designers, HR specialists, recruitment etc. This allows us to sign post our clients to these specialist services when appropriate, matching the right service with the individual client.

Our approach

Internally in CMC we act as a partnership and we believe in building partnerships with our clients – based on trust and mutual respect. Our partnership can bring enormous expertise to bear on whatever problem or challenge you face today or may face in the future.

After more than twenty five years of working with business owners we have no preconceived ideas about what your business needs. Just practical, pragmatic guidance based on what we find when we walk through the door – all firmly rooted in real world experience. A chance for you to talk on a regular basis in confidence about your business and the decisions you are facing.

Our Fees

Our fees assume a commitment from both parties to building a lasting and successful relationship. We charge a monthly retainer at an agreed and affordable level. With our charging model there will never be a nasty surprise. We don’t charge for the initial meeting and all meetings are totally confidential.

We believe this local and flexible approach enables us to provide the best advice over the long-term to our clients for their business success – Your success is everything!

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