Why choose cmc

We support our clients to achieve their personal ambitions

We focus on your priorities, fix problems, analyse opportunities, plan for your future exit or retirement, guide you with important decisions and provide clear actionable steps for a successful outcome.

Through trust and respect, we work in partnership with owners, with over 25 successful years delivering cost effective, productive and practical advice.

With CMC Partners located around the South, East of England and Midlands, we have partners local to your business, providing you with personal, continual support. Our Partners also have a network of local professional contacts, enabling vast networking opportunities and an enormous amount of available knowledge.

CMC Partners are unique in supporting just 10 – 15 clients, enabling them to focus their time and resources on your business.

CMC Infograhic - Partner ExperienceOur Experience

Originally advising large corporate clients from our beginnings in 1989, CMC Partners now use their vast business experience to offer personalised support to owners of small businesses.

All of our Partners are experienced business people. We have both worked in senior director positions at many leading companies and have owned, operated and successfully sold our own businesses, giving us experience and understanding of the challenges business owners face everyday.

The type, industry or complexity of business does not faze us. We are passionate about making your business perform better.

We believe CMC Partners are unique and this is why

  • Practical like-minded business people with vast operational experience of running businesses
  • Supporting owners throughout their business journey – from start, growth to exit and sale.
  • Specialists in preparing owners for their eventual exit or retirement, planning exit strategies and maximising business value.
  • Personalised advice, giving effective realistic support to achieve your ambitions
  • Straight talking, skilled advisers who listen and quickly understand your business
  • Appreciation that every owner and business is unique
  • Excellent value for money – a monthly fee based on what your business can afford.
  • Working in partnership together, based on trust and respect, delivering the best results for your success
  • Local Partners based in your community, providing vast networking opportunities and available knowledge
  • And, most importantly, we are trusted.

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