Video – “Good Governance” – Why Good Governance is Important for Small Businesses


Good governance is not just for big corporations – it is just as important for small businesses as well.

Governance is about having in place a set of procedures and structures to ensure the decision-making processes of the company delivers the shareholders objectives, recognises and seeks to mitigate reasonable risks, and ensures the business complies with all current, applicable legislation.  Bob Brown explains more.

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Case Study – Tripled Turnover with Organic Growth

CMC starting working with a marketing communication agency three years ago and has helped triple turnover from £1m to £3m by guiding them through organic growth. The company’s ultimate objective for growth was to ensure their businesses sustainability over time is assured, helping to support their family and lifestyle with less dependence on the two owners.

During the initial meetings we took the time to get to know our new client and help understand their goals and ambitions, personally and for the business. After our evaluation it was clear that the company were ready for the growth phase and we guided them through 5 key areas:


  • Organic growth through increasing sales with existing clients (top 10 and rising stars) with their existing strong service specific in specific industry sectors.
  • Structure Change – a second tier management structure was needed to take full responsibility for elements of the business. This took the pressure off the two owners and allowed them to focus on strategic direction and leadership of the company.
  • Premises – Essential refurbishment of existing premises and purchase of new IT systems.
  • Management model developed with the use of profit centres to assign clear accountability.
  • Implemented performance measures and budgets, indicators and sales forecasts and targets.
  • Suitable exisiting financial controller and one of the owners took this role as finance director.
  • Ensured bank loan facility should it be needed to support second stage of growth.

Sales and Marketing

  • A focused client development strategy was needed to develop their 10 top clients, helping to increase profits. This would include employing account directors and managers to develop the client’s relationships and help increase revenue and profits.
  • Sales targets were installed to help measure, monitor, mentor and reward the account directors and mangers.
  • Marketing strategy and plans were developed with the part time marketing manager including positioning, messaging and communication.
  • A new website was developed to support new digital marketing, introduction of quarterly e newsletter, PR, advertising, case studies, sales collaterals and database cleansing.


  • Identified key people in company, and evaluated staffs strengths and weaknesses.
  • Increased workforce from 10 staff to 30 staff to support the growth and bring in updated practices and innovative ideas. New positions included account directors , account managers, account executives, designers and digital designers.
  • Training – Identified training requirements for key staff. This included the two directors developing their delegation skills.
  • Development – Appraisal systems put into place to maintain staff satisfaction with key performance indicators.
  • Recruitment – Presented ideas for job description roles and competencies.
  • Culture Change – To support growth a change culture from creative delivery to commercial sales was created.
  • Share options offered to selected employees.
  • Introduced to one of CMC Professional Partners – Access2 HR are experts in managing people, employment law and employment tribunals. They worked alongside CMC on recruitment, training, staff handbook, health and safety to help develop and look after the team.


  • New processes were implemented to support the new sales culture such as monthly sales meetings highlighting future business by value.
  • Timesheets were introduced to identify efficiency improvements.

Over these three years our CMC partner has formed close relationships with the owners and the team. Continuous advice and mentoring through regular monthly meetings and ongoing telephone support has helped the company remain focussed on the ultimate objectives and enabled them to flourish. This company is still a client of CMC’s with a very healthy future in front of them.

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Case Study – Chiltern Cam

Dramatic Turnaround in the fortunes of a Specialist Manufacturer

CMC created a practical implementation plan to rescue this manufacturer company and steer it towards a profitable business.

The Challenge:

  • Falling revenues and margins
  • Unfocused sales
  • Mounting debts including the HMRC
  • Lack of full involvement

The Benefits:

  • Monthly sales almost doubled in 18 months
  • Created a sustainable order book with repeat business
  • Paid off the six figure HMRC debt in less than 2 years

Whatever the problems I faced, with CMC Partners, Practical help and guidance are never more than a phone call away. Patrick Knopp – Managing Director, Chiltern Cam & Engineering Solutions Limited

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