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Phil McConnell

Phil works with owner managers to drive business growth; plan for exit and succession; improve underlying efficiency and competitive advantage through use of technology. This is coupled with a pragmatic style and practical approaches to assist his clients meet their own personal and commercial objectives.

Phil is an experienced director and business advisor with over 30 years’ experience gained in senior roles with a variety of UK and European based companies.  During this time he successfully grew a financial software trading company which went through three rounds of private equity investment before being sold as a trade sale to a USA company.  

Phil brings to his clients his technology skills coupled with strong commercial and project management focus to deliver real results and value.  He is based in Twickenham and works with businesses in West London and Surrey.

Phil is a mentor for The Prince’s Initiative for Mature Enterprise (PRIME) which helps people over the age of fifty set up in business for themselves. In addition he also mentors for the SMILE (Selected Mentors and Interims for London Enterprises), a project which is facilitated by UCL Advances helping London-based SMEs overcome barriers to growth.

For more information or to arrange an initial appointment, contact Phil on 07720 397040 or 0208 8920228, or email him

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The 7 Areas that Can Increase Your Business Value via a Planned Exit Strategy

At CMC Partners we are very lucky to work with talented owner managers who have grown their business. One topic that comes up fairly on in the series of meetings is about how can they exit the business or plan for a succession so they do not have to work 7 days a week until they die, and get some of the value they have built up in their business into their own bank account. It is a fairly complex situation as every business and owner is unique in what it does and what the owner manager’s personal objectives are. The discussions with owner managers fall into 7 key areas

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How do I sell my business in the next 6 months?

I wrote an article at the beginning of this year stating why now is a great time to sell your business. The vast majority of owner managers have never exited a business before, and many generalist business brokers exploit this with promises of high multiples or valuations and many potential interested parties. However, the reality for most UK businesses (or read ‘owner managed SMEs’) is that at the time they want to sell, there may not be many buyers or acquires around at the right stage. Also to get the best price, an owner manager needs to ensure a maximum valuation for the on-going business. For every sale, we need to think about an acquirer, and getting your business into their target sights.

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5 top tips to avoid business failure in 2014 when you are working ‘flat out’ 

History has certainly shown us (CMC Partners are currently celebrating 25 years of advising UK owner managers) that during periods of economic recoveries, we have seen many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) over-stretch themselves financially and simply run out of working capital. While everyone may be celebrating the increase in orders, this can have major consequences and catch out even the most experienced director by putting serious strain on financial and operational systems and controls manned by depleted teams.

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Why Owner Managers Need a Mentor for their Business

The majority of small business owners, by default, work IN their business at the exclusion of working ON their business. A Mentor or non-executive can help you to work ON your business. I personally think it such a good idea that sometimes I recommend that a business owner may need more than 1 business mentor! For instance the mentor may bring certain industry expertise and contacts, while a different mentor may help with the people or financial management when those tough decisions are called for.

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Does Good Corporate Governance have a Place in Owner Managed Businesses?

There has been much written about how poor corporate governance damages large businesses, (the Co-operative organisation, GSK being accused of bribing in Poland, China and Iraq), but does it have similar effect on smaller UK businesses? Corporate governance is about good decisions being made by the right person and is not just the domain of publically listed large companies – small businesses need good corporate governance too. Many small and medium UK enterprises are owned and controlled by individuals, family members, so good corporate governance is not necessarily about the relationship between boards and external shareholders. But, it is about establishing a framework of company processes and attitudes that adding real value to the business, helping build its reputation and ensuring its long-term survival and success.

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