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Phil McConnell

Phil works with owner managers to drive business growth; plan for exit and succession; improve underlying efficiency and competitive advantage through use of technology. This is coupled with a pragmatic style and practical approaches to assist his clients meet their own personal and commercial objectives.

Phil is an experienced director and business advisor with over 30 years’ experience gained in senior roles with a variety of UK and European based companies.  During this time he successfully grew a financial software trading company which went through three rounds of private equity investment before being sold as a trade sale to a USA company.  

Phil brings to his clients his technology skills coupled with strong commercial and project management focus to deliver real results and value.  He is based in Twickenham and works with businesses in West London and Surrey.

Phil is a mentor for The Prince’s Initiative for Mature Enterprise (PRIME) which helps people over the age of fifty set up in business for themselves. In addition he also mentors for the SMILE (Selected Mentors and Interims for London Enterprises), a project which is facilitated by UCL Advances helping London-based SMEs overcome barriers to growth.

For more information or to arrange an initial appointment, contact Phil on 07720 397040 or 0208 8920228, or email him

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Alternative Financing via Crowdfunding Platforms – Is That It?

Ask businesses about their problems and the big issue faced by many is funding. Most complaints include a lack of flexibility from banks, the length of the loan application process (which often means wasted months in limbo) with little or no alternatives. For the past few years, in the UK businesses are getting creative when it comes to sourcing capital; more than 60% of small business owners have now used alternative finance or plan to in the future. Alternative methods of funding, such as crowd (Peer-to-Peer / P2P) lending or crowdfunding, are helping businesses growth in the UK (and worldwide).

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Alternative Sources of Finance available to UK SMEs

My last blog looked at the success within the UK of Crowd Funding (or Peer to Peer lending) for businesses, especially SME businesses. Read about the Peer to Peer lending platforms to close this gap and make a real success for UK businesses and individuals alike. This blog is about the alternative sources to finance, rather than having an owner manager dipping into his or her own savings, retained profits or going to a bank manager (if you can find one).

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The UK is Leading the World in Crowd Funding for Businesses

Britain’s banks are losing out to alternative finance businesses with their inability to lend and customers unwilling to borrow from them. Enter Peer to Peer lending platforms to close this gap and make a real success for UK businesses and individuals alike. Here are some of the success stories

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How to Survive a Disaster when it Hits to Your Business?

It has happened again this winter, more news of extreme flooding, unexpected wind damage to homes and businesses in the UK, the USA suffering from unexpected snow and low temperatures. It seems to happen every year, so I hope this year your business and your livelihood have not been hit. Unfortunately many businesses and people’s lives have not been so fortunate and they will become another statistic - more than 40% of businesses never reopen following a disaster and of the remaining companies, at least 25% will close in 2 years.

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NOW is the Best Time to Sell your Business

Could the next 12 months be right time to sell up your business and reap the rewards? There has been many recent examples of companies selling part or all their business in 2013. The Office of National Statistics recently reported this month that in the second quarter of 2013 the domestic acquisitions between UK companies were valued at £2.1 billion and the value of acquisitions of UK companies made by foreign companies increased to £23.4 billion.

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