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This year we are celebrating our 25th year of helping business owners. Follow us over the next few months with a short series of blogs as we explore CMC’s history, the impact of changes to the UK business owners we work with and how we have enabled them to succeed. Also included, blogs of recently discussed topics with our clients, focusing on business governance and growth. 

FEATURED ARTICLE - Helping business owners throughout their business journey 

To help celebrate our 25th year anniversary we have written a series of blogs. Over the last 25 years we have seen many changes in the business landscape affecting the business owners whom we work with. Read our first blog of the series exploring CMC’s history, current and future. 

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Good Governance - just as important for Small Businesses

Just because Governance sounds important it does not mean it is just for big companies. This important risk analysis exercise of internal and external aspects, deserves attention from every business owner. 

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Things to Consider - Setting up your Governance Structure 

Good governance is about good decisions being made by the right person with putting sensible structures in place for smooth business operations. Especially important if you are looking to grow your business successfully. Read on for things to consider when setting up your governance structure. 

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Motivating your Staff with Non Financial Benefits 

A common question asked by our clients is ‘should I consider financial rewards to motivate my staff?’ While money is clearly important, non-financial benefits can make a big impact. Review your non-financial benefits against our checklist.   

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Progressing your Growth Programme to Success 

Government growth programmes available to small businesses are very good but when completed, owners can feel overwhelmed with a list of things to do without fully understanding how to do them. A longer term approach can be more effective in ensuring a good return on investment.

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SEMINAR - Selling your Business, Cambridge  

Registration is now open! Free evening seminar on 8th October at Girton College for Cambridgeshire business owners who are thinking of selling their business in the next 5 years or longer.

Topics included - exit planning, business valuation, maximizing value, sales process, legal aspects, insurance and preserving the proceeds of the sale. Register using the link below. 

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Celebrating 25 years - CMC History, Current & Future

Good Governance for Small Businesses

Setting up your Governance Structure

Motivating your Staff with Non-Financial Benefits

Progressing your Growth Programme

Success Story - Doubling Turnover

Seminar - Selling your Business 



Success Story - Doubling Turnover in 4 years

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