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Improving Cash Flow and Raising Money for Your Businesses

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You have heard it before but it’s true….cash flow is the lifeblood of your business. You can survive a lack of sales or profits for a short while, but your business will fail if you’re unable to pay your bills. In this newsletter we also look at how you can raise money for your business. Our Partners at CMC are able to help you and your business prepare your business for investment and find the right finance option. Your Success is Everything! 

Cash flow management is not a task to postpone 

As a business owner, there are always more demands than there is working hours available. It is inevitable that some activities or tasks will need to be delayed. Cash flow management is one of those tasks that must NOT be postponed. You need to produce, maintain and regularly review a cash flow forecast to ensure you don’t run out of cash unexpectedly. 

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Improving cash flow and how invoice finance can help

Our first guest blogger, Helena Cairns from Calverton Finance highlights a number of steps that can be taken to improve your cash flow and how invoice finance can assist your business through any funding gaps. 

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Need cash for your business but unsure where to start? 

Growing your business will need investment, so you are going to need cash to help you achieve your ambitions. We have prepared a clear and informative guide on raising money for your business. This guide will help you succeed with carrying out the right preparation and finding the right source of finance for your business. 

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Alternative Sources of Finance available to UK SME's

If you need finance for your business, you do not need to dip into your own savings or profits or go to your bank manager. There are plenty of alternative sources such as Peer to Peer lending, Invoice trading, Equity based, Reward based or Revenue based crowd funding, Micro finance or community shares. This blog discusses each of these sources. 

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Raising cash for SME’s in a Hurry 

Our second guest blogger is Warren Palmer from Support Finance. Business owners sometimes need to raise cash within a few days. This could be a sudden opportunity to buy stock or at a bargain price, unexpected tax demand or for other reasons. Warren shares his experiences and how he has recently raised money for clients needing cash in a hurry

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Selling your Business Seminar shows Worcester Owners the Way Forward 

Yesterday’s evening seminar at the historic building, The Commandery in Worcester was well received by the 30 local business owners who are considering exiting or selling their business within the next 5 years. Delegates felt the event fully met their expectations and all found the content very useful and relevant.

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