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Overcoming Challenges Facing Small Businesses


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Every day our partners use their vast business expertise and caring approach to empower clients in overcoming challenges that are facing them at that specific time. Although our help is personalised to that individual owner and business there are some common issues. Hopefully these blogs below will help you on your business journey. Your success is everything.

FEATURED ARTICLE -  5 Top Tips to avoid Overtrading in 2014  

Throughout the last 25 years of CMC’s history we have seen many economic recoveries and the effect it has on business owners. Whilst increased orders is worth celebrating, it can overstretch businesses financially and cause major cash flow problems. Read our top tips to avoid your business making the same mistake.

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Scaling your Business Profitably

As a business grows and expands, so does its associated needs. These needs have to be managed correctly to achieve long term success. Using our 25 years’ experience we have compiled a few pointers to help. This includes middle management, internal recruitment or promotion, effective delegation, knowing where you add value, monitoring cash flow and raising finance. 

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Improving your Customer Service for Increased Profits 

Average customer service could be hindering your businesses growth but how can it be improved? In this blog we discuss valuing your customer, maintaining your customers and having a holistic view of your business operations with setting up staff schemes to recognise and praise good customer service. 

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Family Succession Planning - The Trails and Tribulations  

One of the biggest challenges you face as a business owner is how best to pass your family business onto the next generation whilst retaining the value you have built in your business. Which child to you choose as your successor? What if your child is not qualified? How do you make it fair on all children? Read on to kick start your family succession planning to ensure a smooth transition. 

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Asking for Help - The Value of a Mentor

Business owners are often reluctant to ask for help or support with managing their business. As business owners ourselves we know how proud owners can be and think we must work it out ourselves.  An experienced mentor that works in partnership with you, who acts as a sounding board, a 2nd opinion who brings a fresh perspective to issues and aids in the decision process can be of great value to you and your business. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. 

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SEMINAR - Selling your Business, Cambridge  

Registration is now open! Free evening seminar on 8th October at Girton College for Cambridgeshire business owners who are thinking of selling their business in the next 5 years or longer.

Topics included - exit planning, business valuation, maximizing value, sales process, legal aspects, insurance and preserving the proceeds of the sale. Register using the link below. 

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5 Top Tips to Avoid Overtrading 

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Seminar - Selling your Business 

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Success Story - Doubling Turnover in 4 years

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