‘Our local CMC Partner gave me superb support to enable me to sell my business. He provided great insight and advice to ensure the sale reached a successful conclusion. Importantly, after the sale the merged businesses are now doing well !' 

Stewart Peart - Managing Director of AppliedIT Ltd, now Integra ICT Ltd 

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CMC Partners - Your Success is Everything

You are the owner and the manager too. You have ambitions for your business to thrive and your personal hopes are focused on that objective. Life as a business owner is tough with continuous challenges at every stage of your business journey and you just wish that you have all the experience and knowledge to reach your ambitions.

With ‘CMC Partners’ supporting you then that can change this and here is why!  

For the last 25 years we have developed a wealth of experience helping small businesses to start up, grow, raise finance, and increase business value in preparation for owner’s retirement, exit or business sale.

As business owners ourselves and involvement with thousands of small businesses we know what you need and we offer personal, local, individually evaluated and design support specific to YOUR needs. We offer great value for money with unlimited advice for an agreed monthly fee. We want to help you, not put your business under financial strain. 

To us, your business is every bit as important, every bit as valued because as a client you matter to us, whatever the business. We believe your success is everything!

From setting up to closing down we have the people and the skills to be there for YOU in your local area.  

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Need cash to grow your business but unsure where to start? 

Growing your business will need investment, so you are going to need cash to help you achieve your ambitions.

Many business owners we talk too fail in their efforts of raising money for their business, this is often because they have either asked the wrong people the wrong questions or not been prepared in making their business ‘investment ready’.

To help you, we have prepared a clear and informative guide on ‘thinking about raising money for your business’. 

This guide covers the below to help improve your chances of success:  

  • Reviewing your current cash situation
  • Essential business preparation
  • Know what you want the money for 
  • Making your business 'investment ready'
  • Legitimate reasons for borrowing money 
  • The risk of your proposed investment
  • Sources of finance depending on your business stage/need
  • Main types of funding
  • Checklist to help your preparation





On your marks, get set, grow your business!

There’s no denying that it’s tough for business owners at the moment in this unstable economic climate but growing your business doesn’t have to be unreachable!

We talk to business owners every day and a common theme being voiced is that people are still buying but they are being cautious – reduced spend and taking longer to commit, making cash flow forecasts difficult

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