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Graeme Thom 

Graeme is a highly experienced general manager with 25 years experience in quality, production and technical management, having held Director positions in national and international companies.  He has specialist knowledge in customer engagement, sales and service functions, aviation baggage handling systems, and airport capacity planning.

Graeme Thom is an experienced Consultant who specialises in Airport Baggage System solutions, design and operations. He ensures the needs of the Airport Operator, at one end, and the Baggage Handler at the other end, are met, engaging with designers and relevant Stakeholders in between. 

He also works as an advisor or non-executive director with owner-managers, helping businesses prepare for exit, succession planing, and embark on major business change, giving a new perspective on taking business to the next level.

He supports businesses in Birmingham and The Black Country, and airports nationally and internationally.

Contact Graeme on 01491 829181 or 07540 226870 or email him.

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Grooming your business for sale

To get anywhere in business, you need to know where you want to end up. Concentrate on your personal objectives, and your business objectives, in order to prioritise your business strategy and make sure that your business grows so it’s in a good position for you to sell at your chosen endpoint.

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