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Derek Allen 

Derek Allen leads the CMC team of 12 partners, working with owner-managers throughout South of England, West Midlands and South Wales. 

With more than 30 years business experience, he has a wealth of knowledge benefiting his owner manager clients. Derek has worked with thousands of companies over the years from multinationals to small businesses giving strategic direction to their business, turning them around from rescue situations to profitable businesses, developing exit and succession plans.

Derek started his career as a qualified production engineer, quickly finding his strengths in the business world as a consultant. For the last 22 years he’s been a business owner of CMC Partners using this experience to advice owner managers on developing their business through every stage of their business lifecycle. 

Derek is based in Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.

To find out more or arrange an initial appointment, contact Derek on 01491 829 184 or 07803 281 358, or email him.  

You can read Derek’s’ full profile here 


'Derek is a thoroughly approachable consultant armed with practical solutions and tools for giving the small business owner more control over the day to day running of their business.  After just one meeting I have grown in confidence and walked away armed with a selection of tools to maximise my control in the business.  I once more can see the wood for the trees!' 

Chantal Francis-Flores - Managing Director of Chantal Flores Design 


‘We regard Derek as part of the family. We really feel he cares about us and our business, it’s extremely comforting to know we have an experienced mentor who we can trust and know that he’s on our side’. 

Jemma Proctor and Phil Gordon – Managing Directors of One Limited


'Derek provided a framework and an approach that is helping me to grow my business.  And, when I need a specialist, I trust him to find me someone who I’ll be able to trust - and with whom I’ll be able to work - from his extensive network.  Whatever the problem, practical help and guidance are never more than a phone call away.'

Patrick Knopp - Managing Director of Chiltern Cam & Engineering Solutions Ltd

 'Without Derek we would not be where we are today – it is that simple.  Even knowing what we now learned, if I had to start another business tomorrow CMC would be part of the team.  I am always happy to recommend Derek to other business owners that I meet – it is a great service.'

John Lau and Peter Veale – Managing Directors of Firefly Design Lighting Limited 

Professional Partners

CMC works with a number of Professional Partners, including accountants, independent financial advisors, solicitors and investment specialists. Click on the below link to find out some of the professional partners that Derek can recommend. Professional Partners



As an owner of a start up business starting to grow, what would it feel like to work with your local CMC Partner? 

Well, let’s start with what it doesn’t feel like.

  1. We will not want to collect a lorry load of financial data – most small businesses that we start working with are desperately short of the right information. The book keeper is hired to do the VAT Return and the Annual Corporation Tax return – they have never run a business and don’t know what is needed to manage a business. We will highlight the most important information for you and your business.
  2. We will not work on Business Plans when your concern is about paying the wages and the suppliers next month. The Business Plan can wait! Get the monthly accounts right and the sales pipeline and a few other key pieces of information and do a Business Plan when you really understand how the ‘numbers’ in your business work for you.
  3. We are not dictators – we don’t tell you what to do – equally we are not wishy washy. We work the issues through with you. Based on facts we will get your understanding and we will jointly agree the actions.
  4. We will not want to spend your money. It’s important that your money is used wisely to generate the cash flow, helping move your business forward. In most businesses the cost is in the people and we will work with the people you have. Small adjustments in roles and responsibilities can make a big difference to next months’ figures.
  5. We will not wear rose coloured specs in looking at your people. It is a very difficult thing to have worked with someone for a number of years and for the business to have outgrown their skills. ‘Square pegs in round holes’ cause a massive amount of stress, not least to the individual. Releasing people who are no longer right for a growing business is tough, but invariable the rest of the team can move on at a pace and not be held back.

Don’t think about us as being experts in your business sector – more often than not we will not be familiar with your business sector. We are interested in what you know about your business sector.

If you are relying on us to know you won’t be able to afford us! If you don’t know you will be bust pretty soon.

A good Non Exec knows you, the Business Owner – not the business sector. Your Success is Everything.


So, what do we do?

We add value by helping you to make your business decisions on topics such as:

What are your  revenues – margins – overheads – profits – cash collection – key accounts - sales pipeline value– reputation – good will – business processes – sales ability – account development ability - negotiation skills – terms and conditions – business procedures – key people – recruitment of people - motivation of people - etc etc –

These are the bits in your young, growing business that can easily be overlooked as you rush to get the next order away or answer the next customer enquiry. A couple of hours a month – ‘on your business’ and not ‘in your business’ gives you the quality time you need to think about your business.

Talking to your local CMC Business Partner means you are sharing 23 years of experience having – Your Success is Everything.


Call us now on 01491 285181 or email me for a free confidential appointment.