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Confidence in the SME sector?

It was nice to read something a little more positive the other day.  The FT article "Business optimism boosts growth hopes" by Brian Groom on May 8th listed a number of respected indicators of business confidence and painted a surprisingly bright and unified view of things to come - broadly from respondents in the SME sector of the economy.  The expectation seems to be that orders and production levels are on the increase - really excellent news.  

Growth will bring its own challenges as always and this recession has changed the world and buyer behaviour in fundamenmtal and lasting ways.  As always, the companies who will be prepared to innovate will stand to gain the most.  Which reminds me of the report of one of the keynotes at the recent IOD Convention 2012 from Kevin Roberts, CEO at Saatchi and Saatchi - "fail fast, learn fast, fix fast".

This speaks directly to one of the key charactersitics of successful entrpreneurs - an acceptance that some ideas will fail - but that failure is often the path to success. 

Businesses must innovate or die.



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