White Paper – Taking Control of the Cash in Your Business

Do you have too little or too much cash in your business?

For small to medium size businesses, cash is the lifeblood that keeps the cogs turning and daily operations running, yet all too often business owners struggle to manage it effectively or indeed recognise its significance.  This was clearly indicated within a recent Cash Flow Survey we conducted, where 92% of participants experienced problems from time to time or consistently.

Understanding the impact of having too little or too much and how to overcome these challenges is essential if you are going to maintain an even keel within your business.

The purpose for this white paper is to provide an insight into these challenges and offer advice and guidance on how best to manage cash effectively.  It has been designed to help you minimise the impact of the peaks and troughs you may experience during a financial year, freeing up time to focus your attention on managing and/or growing your business.

Within this cash flow white paper we will:

  • Introduce you to the basic principles of accounting including terminology, what is profit, determining business viability, right through to managing cash flow and the cash to cash cycle
  • Provide you with a series of steps to follow should cash become tight
  • Outline a checklist of ‘red flags’ to help you identify underlying problems that could lead to cash management challenges
  • Explain why having too much surplus cash in the business is not a good idea
  • Look at preventative actions

Download your copy of ‘Taking Control of the Cash in Your Business’ and discover how you can learn to manage your business ‘by the numbers’.

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