Why do I need professionals to sell my business

I want to sell my business, but I don’t know where to start!

Employing a professional adviser should be the easiest solution, but I can’t see the value of how they can help me to sell my business…

…at CMC our experience shows that if you have never done it before the implications of going it alone can be costly:

  • always being distracted by the day-to-day and never quite getting round to selling your business
  • wasting a lot time understanding the market and the process
  • overstating the value of the company and therefore putting off potential buyers, or worse
  • understating the value of the company by not understanding its true potential to buyers
  • having to find the buyer yourself – often an existing employee who does not value the business in the same way
  • being so distracted by the sale process that the business starts to suffer, and consequently its value
  • letting your emotions get the better of you when the tough negotiating starts

Does any of this sound familiar?

The benefits of using a professional adviser thus become clear. At CMC we have the experience and time to help you to:

  • understand the marketplace and what can be achieved in both value and timescales
  • achieve a higher value for your business
  • shape the business to suit potential buyers
  • connect you faster with potential buyers
  • minimize your emotional involvement in sale negotiation
  • allow you to continue to grow your business without too much distraction
  • understand the market and Business sale process in simple terms

So if I want to sell my business…

The best thing I can do is ask CMC to help.  Call 01844 319286.


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