Case Study – Re-launch of an engineering consultancy

A business owner of an engineering consultancy, in his late 50s, called in CMC to help to move his business to the next stage, with a view to succession. Over the following year, they produced a substantial increase in profitability – from breakeven to £300k profit on a turnover of £2.0m!

How we helped with the re-launch?

We worked with the company to re-launch their:


To become independent of the presence of the owner/manager and his skills in the business
To specialise in a market niche driven by energy sustainability.


Set up monthly sales meetings for all Senior Managers and Associate Engineers
Moved from focus on contracts and projects to monthly billing
Set up a proper reporting cascade with regular monthly Board Meetings to analyse performance.

Sales & Marketing:

Delegated individual sales targets to key senior people, who were given increased exposure to clients at industry events
The company name was changed (from the owner’s name) and a very successful new brand and identity created.


Achieved ISO 9000
Installed a new network for online IT support
Opened a new office in a very favourable location.


Systematic performance management and development processes introduced
People recognised for commercial success as well as engineering excellence.
The company achieved a major, prestigious industry award in the second year of re-launching!

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