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Commercial Credit score, how it affects your access to finance

Your commercial credit score could be one way in which lenders and other companies you do business with assess your financial stability and set payment terms for you. Your commercial credit report says a lot about your business, determining how you appear to other companies and could be a deciding factor in whether or not


The Importance of Cash Flow Forecasting

While researching for this blog I came across several articles, some from well known institutions, advising that cash flow forecasting is a useful tool when running a business. I would suggest that cash flow forecasting far from being just useful, is, in fact, absolutely essential. Phrases such as “cash is king” and “cash is the


Using your cash flow / working capital to build growth into your business

It is often believed that all owner managers want to grow their business, and there are many ways to do this. Using business financing and cash flow to power your growth, especially for the businesses that want to seize upcoming growth opportunities. Finance can be used to increase your turnover and lead to the characteristics

Welcome to CMC Partners

From start up to growth, raising finance, solving specific problems, to increasing your business value in preparation for exit or sale - If you own a business and want to grow it, improve performance, leave or sell, then we can help. Our team of partners have vast specialist experience in operating, growing and selling businesses, working at senior level for many leading UK companies in addition to owning their own businesses.

Our passion is helping business owners to succeed. We support you throughout your business journey. Working in close partnership, focussing on the priorities of your business and providing practical actionable steps to achieve your ambitions, we make a difference.

Your success is everything .



How to manage cash flow through difficult times

Watch your cash flow at all times – good and bad Every business will experience tough times. Small businesses are especially vulnerable because their management resources are usually thin, and they lack the tools to predict difficulties, and identify available remedies. It is important to try to look ahead and see the ‘potholes’. What if


Measuring marketing effectiveness – why bother?!

Measuring marketing effectiveness for a company’s marketing activity is essential for ensuring that the benefits are maximised and the cost optimised ….. but how? It’s a well know cliche that “I know I waste half the money I spend on marketing, I just don’t know which half“. Marketing really is like any other form of investment – how

Case Studies


Case Study – 1973 Ltd – Progressing from ‘Doing’ to ‘Managing’ a Business

Growing a creative Digital Marketing Agency CMC helped the directors of this digital marketing agency increase revenue by 55% in just two years. Through business planning and process reviews they continue to grow the company to maximise business value.  The Challenge: Grow the business and increase asset value Create time and space for the directors’



Exhibiting Success – Let’s do business

I recently exhibited at a local trade show, run by the local Chamber of Commerce, Let’s do business was a great opportunity to meet potential clients and to re-connect with past contacts. Trade shows are hard work but done well, they can deliver substantial rewards. Here are my tips to help you maximise your return

White Papers


White Paper – Growing your Business – The People Dimension

Are you a small business owner looking to grow your business in the next 3 years? If so, you’re not alone! According to recent research by the Department of Business Innovation & Skill, 75% of owners have an ambition of growing their business during this period, however understanding how best to scale up your operations