‘Our local CMC Partner gave me superb support to enable me to sell my business. He provided great insight and advice to ensure the sale reached a successful conclusion. Importantly, after the sale the merged businesses are now doing well !' 

Stewart Peart - Managing Director of AppliedIT Ltd, now Integra ICT Ltd 

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CMC Partners - Your Success is Everything

You are the owner and the manager too. You have ambitions for your business to thrive and your personal hopes are focused on that objective. Life as a business owner is tough with continuous challenges at every stage of your business journey and you just wish that you have all the experience and knowledge to reach your ambitions.

With ‘CMC Partners’ supporting you then that can change this and here is why!  

Since 1989 we have developed a wealth of experience helping small businesses to start up, grow, raise finance, and increase business value in preparation for owner’s retirement, exit or business sale.

As business owners ourselves and involvement with thousands of small businesses we know what you need and we offer personal, local, individually evaluated and design support specific to YOUR needs. We offer great value for money with unlimited advice for an agreed monthly fee. We want to help you, not put your business under financial strain. 

To us, your business is every bit as important, every bit as valued because as a client you matter to us, whatever the business. We believe your success is everything!

From setting up to closing down we have the people and the skills to be there for YOU in your local area.  

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Selling your Business Seminar shows Worcester Owners the Way Forward

Yesterday’s evening seminar at the historic building, The Commandery in Worcester was well received by the 30 local business owners including spouses who are considering exiting or selling their business within the next 5 years.

The seminar was delivered by our Worcester based partner Bob Brown, SME Solicitors, Haines Watts and McKnight Wyvern Financial Services and gave the owners the knowledge and steps to achieve the best possible price for their eventual business sale. Spouses or partners were also invited to this seminar as we appreciate that selling businesses can be a very personal and sensitive matter.

Bob comments “All those attending gave feedback that the event fully met their expectations.  We are pleased that everyone who attended felt the presentations on the night were helpful and 100% of attendees found the content across all of the four sessions very useful and relevant.”

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Raising Cash for SME's in a Hurry 

There are many reasons why business owners sometimes need to raise cash within a few days.

Such as a sudden opportunity to buy stock or machinery at a bargain price; meet an unexpected tax demand; keep their bank at bay after suffering a large bad debt. 

Banks are unlikely to help in these situations but their continuing reluctance to lend has led to the creation of many alternative lenders who are faster and more flexible in their loan process.

Guest Blogger - Warren Palmer from Support Finance

Here are some examples:

  • Underwriting of loans is now very quick as more and more people join the ‘crowd funding’ auctions in order to get a decent return on their savings. Recently an unsecured £100,000 loan for an equipment hire company took less than one day; £20,000 for a weddings flower arranger just four hours; £60,000 for a pharmacist in 30 hours. 
  • So the time, from applying for a loan to receiving it, can be under a week. The biggest crowd funder, Funding Circle, is now providing £20m/month of small loans over periods as short as 6 months!

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Need cash to grow your business but unsure where to start? 

Growing your business will need investment, so you are going to need cash to help you achieve your ambitions.

Many business owners we talk too fail in their efforts of raising money for their business, this is often because they have either asked the wrong people the wrong questions or not been prepared in making their business ‘investment ready’.

To help you, we have prepared a clear and informative guide on ‘thinking about raising money for your business’. 

This guide covers the below to help improve your chances of success:  

  • Reviewing your current cash situation
  • Essential business preparation
  • Know what you want the money for 
  • Making your business 'investment ready'
  • Legitimate reasons for borrowing money 
  • The risk of your proposed investment
  • Sources of finance depending on your business stage/need
  • Main types of funding
  • Checklist to help your preparation





Make a decision – if it is the last thing you do!

As the “ Friendly voice of CMC “ I speak to business owners daily on a variety of topics , and the subject of this blog is the thorny one of disagreement with fellow Directors as to whether the company needs help! 

Today, I spoke to a lady whom I have called periodically over the last couple of years. She is in her early sixties, as are most of the Directors, and is anxiously looking towards her retirement.  Their company has not been doing too well of late, and last year she spoke to the Directors about setting up a non- chargeable meeting to establish whether we could help the business and add value to their company. One member of the Board of Directors was adamantly against the idea, so I said I would call again in a year.

I rang in a year and unfortunately, she told me today that the company are going into administration. She was obviously devastated as it has been trading for over thirty years. 

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